American scientists have extracted water from desert air

Американские ученые добыли воду из воздуха пустыни

The new device is already interested many companies. To make it a commercial trying several startups. In addition, the device 150 times cheaper than similar catalysts.

American physicists from the University of Berkeley have made a new version of “magic sand”, which produces from the desert air a glass of clean and fresh water. As told to Omar Yaghi from California University, this technology is very huge potential. Furthermore, it a whopping 150 times cheaper than the previous aluminum version of the “magic sand”.

The latter was presented Yaghi in the past year. Scientists have shown how from the air using sunlight and heat to remove water. Then it was found that the design of new products to absorb water vapor, not carbon dioxide or hydrogen.

Works “magic sand”. The sand from the particles of the IOC poured into a glass container. It absorbs from the air the water and the light of the Sun makes the steam to leave the sand and get into the tank.

Despite the skepticism, the device during first tests learned in the deserts of Arizona from one kilogram of sand to 250 grams of water from the air. But then the invention was very expensive. It was therefore decided to continue the work. Changing the structure of the key component from zirconium to aluminum. In the end, the cost has become cheaper and yield more.

It turned out that for each kilogram of sand was produced 250-400 grams of water daily. Scientists believe that the cost of the device is very low, making it possible to provide water to all inhabitants of the arid regions.


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