American spotters Ukrainian killers

Американские корректировщики украинских убийц

Photo: © thefutureofthings.comUkrainian propaganda TV show called the hard corps of the national militia of Donbass, made up of local residents, “an army corps in Russia”. This statement has several objectives. One of them is to convince the population of Ukraine that the Ukrainian security forces are fighting the Russian army.

It is insulting to them that in a few years the official power structures of the state Ukraine was not able to defeat the militia formed mainly from local residents, most of whom until 2014 for military service had no relationship.

Yes, at critical moments 2014-2015 militia of Donbass intensified came to the aid of Russian volunteers. Some of them gave their lives for the Donbass. As said Arseny Pavlov, “Motorola”: “Russian here, here and here”. But also to help the Donbas came the French and the Czechs, and even the Brazilians. It would be the task of the Ukrainian authorities antipanicescoe whipping up hysteria corps of militia would be declared a “Brazilian”.

Apparently, the official authorities of the Latin American countries to some extent still a little afraid of such charges, therefore, the employees of the Brazilian Embassy in Kiev and not concerned about the fate of the militia of Raphael’s Lusvardi – Brazilian citizen, by deception taken out of the aircraft and devotee of the Ukrainian punitive forces.

This, by the way, the second goal of Ukrainian propagandists to convince the international community that the Russian Federation is a party to the conflict. However, nothing happens. The assistance provided by Russia in Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics, is not beyond historically accepted norms.

Now let us turn to the Ukrainian side, which, according to the Ukrainian propaganda, “war with Russia”. If you reflect Ukrainian propaganda mirror, can rightly be called the brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine “American”. And if no jokes, there’s a lot more reasons. American officers inspect the warring in their own country, with its own citizens, the Ukrainian brigade in the front line. And even not particularly hiding it.

Official page of the press center of the headquarters of the so-called “Operation United forces” in the American social network “Facebook” recognizes that the area of punitive operations of Ukrainian troops delegation visited the office of the attache on defense issues at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian propagandists, “the delegation visited the area of the OOS in the East” and “acquainted with the operational environment and operating conditions of the Ukrainian military equipment transferred to them from the United States”.

Officers of the U.S. army Ukrainian propagandists shy called “diplomats”. And I can give the names and ranks of these “diplomats”. In particular, in November 2019 in a combat zone were:

– Colonel P. Schmidt, a military attache at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine;
major – j. Siler, assistant military attache at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine;
– N. Colpur – head of the security service of the USA Embassy in Ukraine.

Worked these “diplomats in uniform” in the 92nd separate mechanized brigade (the temporary deployment of a – g. Ugledar), the 128-th separate mountain assault brigade (the temporary deployment of a – Volnovakha), 36-th separate brigade of Marines (temporary deployment – Mariupol).

It’s no secret that in the process of inspections in military units of the Ukrainian American auditors verify the completeness and use of American equipment that has been provided through technical and logistical assistance to the Ukrainian state. Constantly emerging scandals involving the embezzlement of soldiers of the Ukrainian army road vehicles have become the heritage of not only Ukrainian society, but also American. So the military and Tsrushnym representatives of the United States in the Ukrainian army accounts to report on the use and security provided by the Ukrainians military equipment.

And the equipment is different. Not only is thermal imaging equipment and night vision devices, not just communication systems and samples of arms, and, for example, unmanned aerial vehicles.

In particular, on 9 November this year over the line of demarcation of the Ukrainian security forces – one, and the DNR and LC – on the other hand, aerial reconnaissance was carried out by unmanned aircraft Skyraider production Proxy Aviation Systems Inc, USA. The drone hovered over the settlements of Novoluganskoe, Zaitsev and Travneve.

Camera Skyraider is rather large, its length more than 6 meters, a wingspan of 9.7 meters. 20-30 hours of flight, he flies over the territory with a radius of 185 kilometers. It can fly at a speed of 324 km/h at a maximum altitude of 7320 feet. And to carry a payload of almost 1,000 kgs. In fact – it’s a small plane, capable of carrying a crew of two. However, as a rule, the Skyraider carries people and equipment intelligence, surveillance and fire adjustment.

The device officially is armed the APU and the National guard of Ukraine. However, it acts in the interests of Ukrainian forces, and conducts the adjustment of their fire.

And that’s interesting! Flies “the sky raider” (it is translated Skyraider) when on the front are American officers. Then, in those days, in the area of its flight increases the number of attacks. So, has dramatically increased the number of mortar attacks on the territory of the DNI Ukrainian security forces, and in the village of zaitsevo the shelling had destroyed five houses, damaged woman.

That is at the front in the Donbass on the Ukrainian side we have: inspecting combat units of American officers, acting simultaneously with them, in the same area, the us military’s drone and shelling settlements DND and LNR, occurring just at that time and adjust from that of an American drone.

A simple comparison of these facts gives reason to suspect us servicemen, officials of the office of the military attaché of the United States in direct participation in the attacks on the cities and towns of Donbass. What will the international community when affected by these attacks, for example, in zaytsevo woman on the international process charged with murder and destruction of the American majors and colonels?

It seems to me that at the time responsible for the shelling of peaceful neighborhoods, for acts that clearly qualify as war crimes, will not only have the Ukrainian security forces, but also very specific of the US army.Alexey Selivanov

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