American Thinker: Democrats lead US on the way of banana republics

The American Constitution says that power must be transferred peacefully through elections, and impeachment is provided only for serious crimes. However, as the journalist writes American Thinker, the Democrats, though, are in the minority, but abusing the power, and lead US on the path of “banana republics”, where political squabbles are one another.

American Thinker: демократы ведут США по пути банановых республик

ReutersПохоже that the Democratic party wants States lost his way and became “banana Republic” in which political power is determined by the coups, not elections, writes Scott Powell in his article for the American Thinker. According to him, one gets the impression that the American Democrats are willing to compromise the integrity and stability of their country in order to regain power and control.

Meanwhile, the author recalls that the legitimacy of government comes from the people, and we ought to remind the Democrats about it. He tries to understand the reasons why instead of the duties of Democrats in Congress spend their time and resources on impeachment, especially after the results of the investigation Muller. So he comes to the conclusion that the traditional Democrats are now giving way to the extreme left, which in itself had incorporated the Islamist and Marxist views. And impeachment, he said, will be an attack not only on the trump, but almost half the country that voted for him.

The author notes that the American Constitution the stability of the system is based rather on the results of the election than in the parliamentary democracy. And that relative political stability has made it possible, including economic growth, which continues in the United States last 240 years.

According to political analysts, impeachment hearings may divide a society, so the reason for it should be except that heinous crime to be held through the court system. In this case, the hearing say that the charges against trump kept more on hearsay and political disagreements.

The author of the article, hearings on the impeachment is “a show of despair,” which is done so that the people could not follow him to consider what is happening. “And continuing to spread the smoke around Donald trump, they hope that an ordinary voter will decide that this is so, then there must be fire,” writes Scott Powell.

Initially, the founding fathers conceived the Senate as a body that will limit the possibility of impeachment, and the power should be transferred peacefully through elections. Now it turns out that the Democrats, even though they are in the minority, but abusing the power. This party has become less tolerant, more radical. Human rights and the presumption of innocence, and freedom of thought are not respected. Much of the media sided with the Democratic party and no longer reports the news. And social networks are now engaged in censorship.

“A lot of this happens when Democrats in the minority. Why should Americans want to give more power to the party that engaged in this kind of abuse, including methods of banana republics?” — asks the journalist of the American Thinker.

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