American withdrawal from the treaty “open Sky”: another risky bet

The us president has confirmed a little earlier that his country was withdrawing from the treaty “open Sky”. Bringing together 35 countries, the treaty entered into force in 2002, but the objective had been referred to by Dwight Eisenhower in 1955.

This treaty establishes a regime of flight observation aircraft, not armed above the whole of the territory of the signatory countries, and it is designed to promote mutual understanding and confidence by giving all participants the possibility and the means of collecting information about forces and military activities of concern to them”.1

To justify this removal, Donald Trump says that Russia has not complied with the agreement and that it is now possible to obtain the data collected during these flights of observation.

The decision surprised many observers and former director of the CIA under George W. Bush, Michael Hayden, took these words are unequivocal: “this is insane”. It is insanity.

If Russia’s behaviour irritates, proponents of the treaty argue that it allowed the United States to better support their allies (for instance, you could fly over the Ukraine or the Crimea). This treaty is also the only quick and direct to fly over Russian airspace. The satellites are not enough. Scarce, democrats and republicans, have expressed very serious reservations and criticisms of the decision of the american president.

Not only does one have the impression that the world has become a little less safe because of this withdrawal, but it may be feared an escalation with Russia. Donald Trump is betting that, faced with the withdrawal of american, Russia will seek to renegotiate the terms of the agreement. The risks seem to me to be more important than the probability of winning this bet bold.

During this time, the allies of the United States receive a slap in the face, another…

1. With Hungary, Canada, is the depositary of the treaty.

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