American withdrawal from the WHO: China offers $ 30 million more

Retrait américain de l'OMS: la Chine offre 30 millions de dollars de plus

BEIJING | China comes to the rescue of the world health Organization (WHO) after the us retreat, with the announcement Thursday of a new gift of $ 30 million to help the institution fight the COVID-19.

The United States has suspended with a crash the last week of their funding from the international institution based in Geneva, denouncing his stance, in his eyes too favorable to Beijing.

The us president, Donald Trump had also decried the “mismanagement” of WHO to face the pandemic of the COVID-19, which has already caused more than 180,000 deaths worldwide since its appearance in China in late 2019.

The suspension by the United States of their funding had triggered a public outcry, the tenant of the White House is putting the international community-to-back, from Paris to Berlin via Moscow.

Critics Donald Trump had seen in the us retreat from a victory symbolic for the chinese government, thus likely to further expand its influence within the WHO.

“China has decided to pour $ 30 million (28 million euros) additional cash to the WHO,” said Thursday Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the chinese ministry of foreign Affairs.

“This will be used in the prevention and control of epidemic Covid-19 and to support the development of health systems in developing countries “, he stressed at a press briefing.

“The critical Moment “

Many experts warn including a rise in infections in Africa, where the number of beds available in the intensive care units does not exceed 5 per one million inhabitants – compared with 4000 in Europe.

The spokesperson Geng Shuang also noted that China had already paid a $ 20 million (€19 million) to the WHO. A figure that appears to refer to a gift made in the month of march.

“Support the WHO at a critical moment in the global fight against the epidemic, it is to defend the ideals and the principles of multilateralism and defending the status and authority of the United Nations,” said Mr. Geng.

Washington is the leading donor of the WHO, a multilateral institution created in 1948 in which the functioning and the missions are dependent on the appropriations granted by its member States and donations from private benefactors.

According to Donald Trump, american taxpayers are getting a cheque for 400 to 500 million dollars per year to the organization, compared to about 40 million dollars “and even less” to China.

46 000 deaths

After the us retreat, Beijing accused the United States of “undermining the international cooperation” against the COVID-19 and urged Washington to ” take seriously its responsibilities and obligations. ”

If the criticisms against the management of chinese of the epidemic remain many, the leaders of america’s democrats had strongly criticised the decision to cut off the supplies to the WHO at the time where the coronavirus continues to kill.

The United States is now the world’s most grief-stricken by the pandemic, with more than 46,000 people dead in total.

To his critics american, Mr. Trump is focused mainly in Beijing a scapegoat to make people forget his flip flop initial, when he minimized the extent of the epidemic, and welcomed the reaction of… China.

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