Amiens-Lille: anomalies have been observed in the setting of the gates of the stadium

Amiens-Lille, September 30, 2017 — AP/SIPA

More is known about the reasons for the collapse of the barrier of the stage of the Unicorn in Amiens. It had given way under the weight of dozens of supporters in lille on the 30th of September, while the Losc came to opening the score in the match
Amiens-Lille. 29 people were injured in the incident, which is explained by “anomalies” of the “fixation” of the barriers, according to the expertise ordered by the prosecutor’s office, announced the following Friday.

Other barriers identical the concerned

“The first findings made by the expert and the investigators have found abnormalities in the manner of fixation of the metal barrier degraded, as well as in those barriers identical installed in the stadium,” said the prosecutor in a press release. It adds that it has opened a judicial inquiry against X. The professional football League (LFP) announced on Thursday that the match Amiens-Bordeaux on 21 October would be relocated to le Havre.

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