Amsterdam will ban cars on petrol and diesel

В Амстердаме запретят авто на бензине и дизеле

In the capital of the Netherlands will ban the operation of vehicles running on gasoline and diesel fuel. The ban will come into force in 2030, reports with reference to the legislative Assembly of Amsterdam.

According to the Minister of transport Sharon Dijksma, pollution – silent killer and one of the main threats to human health in Amsterdam.

Already approved the program, according to which in 2020 in the capital of the Netherlands will not be allowed to enter the cars with diesel fuel over 15 years. Since 2022, the centre will not be able to get a bus, and 2025, this ban will also apply to scooters and motorcycles.

However, local authorities intend to stimulate the citizens to electric cars. Drivers of these vehicles will partially offset the cost of Parking and charging.

A relevant programme was adopted in connection with the fact, that everything is taken up to the present time, the measures still have not reduced air pollution in Amsterdam. At the moment it is higher than prescribed in European regulations.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found a correlation between air pollution and heart disease.