An abbot reaches of the COVID because of his big heart

Un abbé atteint de la COVID à cause de son grand cœur

Even if he was aware of the risks in full pandemic, a priest, montreal could not help but continue to distribute grocery bags to homeless and eventually catch him as the COVID-19.

“Someone told me one time that me, I had only to remain confined, while he was embarré outside,” says the abbé Claude Paradis. Another person told me that his next roof would be one of his coffin. How do you want me to stay at home when I hear this ? “

Known as “the priest of the street,” the 64 year-old man has felt his first symptoms, there is about two weeks.

In addition to having had pain in the head, stomach and a fever, the abbe Paradis has been suddenly taken a great fatigue. Being cardiac and diabetic, he is quickly directed to a centre to undergo a test.

Three days later, he confirmed that he had indeed contracted the COVID-19. It is since confinement.

Alone in the rectory

“I know that I caught her in the street,” he said. I still have a sore throat and head, but I’m mostly very tired. I sleep a lot. I live alone in a rectory, but I have an entourage that I’ve already offered to do my grocery shopping and my commissions, I am pampered. “

But the most important for the abbot to Paradise is that its shopping bags continue to be distributed.

His team tested and spared for the moment, continues to provide food to the poor people of the street.

Since the beginning, all are equipped with gloves and masks, and sometimes even shields.

Approximately 250 baskets are offered for free each week through donations from the public.

Like the shelters accommodate significantly less homeless since the beginning of the crisis in order to comply with the measures of social distancing, many people eagerly await the gifts of the parish priest.


“They get their bag and they have not eaten for two or three days, and they are hungry,” he says. They do not expect, they will eat directly in front of us as soon as we presented them. “

Claude Paradis pointed out another novelty since the beginning of the pandemic.

Fathers of families are lining up to receive a bag of groceries.

They say they want to feed their children, since the food banks no longer seem to suffice the demand.

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