An agreement for the survival of the baseball

Une entente pour la survie du baseball

The current context of the COVID-19 paralyzes the entire planet, the economy, the world of work, our daily lives. It is not easy to adapt to this reality and modify our behaviour towards others. The world situation is difficult. People have lost loved ones swept away by the COVID-19, not to mention the loss of jobs, and many have lost their home. The possibility of the return of the baseball is without a doubt in the hands of health officials.

Today, I want to tell you about one of my passions is baseball.

This week, I exchanged with some of the leaders of the teams in major league baseball in order to better understand the game of négos of the MLB with the players Association.

Major league baseball has proposed to the Association a schedule of 81 games played in the sites of training camps in Arizona and Florida ; proposal swept to the back of the hand by the players, who don’t want to be away from their family for a long time.

Suddenly, the governors of several u.s. States occurred. Now, they invite teams to play in their stadium, respectively, in front of the bleachers empty, however. This means that the supporters of the Blue Jays will be deprived of their favorites, who would dispute their home games in Dunedin, Florida, because of the quarantine imposed on the visitors who come to Canada. And nothing guarantees that the borders will be open.

Divisions and batting of choice

In the course of the discussions, the concept of the three divisions has also been proposed. The teams of the respective divisions of the two leagues, East, West, and Central arena.

To the delight of many, an agreement that will not be difficult to conclude is the batting of choice, which will be used in all games by both teams. I am certain that from the season 2021, the use of the batting choice will be a reality in the national League.

The bodies of major league baseball have proposed to the players a share of income for this summer. Easy to understand that the players Association does not want to establish the salaries and conditions of revenue sharing as the basis of négos for the next collective agreement. One has to wonder if both parties will come to an expectation of compensation for the players. Let’s hope that egos are put aside for the good of the supporters, who have a need for entertainment.

To my great surprise, I learned that teams are going to lose more money in 2021 than this year. The revenue-sharing teams for this season was raised last year. You have to be logical, the proposed schedule of 81 games for the season 2020 will weaken a lot of the proceeds from the sale of tickets, tv rights, and derivative products.

The beginning of the season ?

Two dates are currently under study with regard to the resumption of activities. The first date, in mid-June, relates to the beginning of training camp. There are teams, including the Texas Rangers, who want to hold their camp in their stadium in Arlington. Why ? The players want to avoid a move to Florida or Arizona and then move once more three weeks later.

Then, the date of the beginning of the calendar. It is a question of 4 July, independence Day in the United States.

Major league baseball and the players Association must enter into this agreement by the first week of June to allow players to train. Most training camps are delayed, the more the end of the season will be late.

AVOID 1994

The former pitcher Braves Tom Glavine has recently said that supporters, including those in the Expos, have not yet digested the strike by players in 1994. The négos between the players Association and the moguls of major league baseball had foundered on the financial aspect.

This summer, the owners and the players Association should not repeat the same mistake as in 1994. The supporters did their pardonneraient never cancel the season 2020 because of a conflict due to the issue of salaries.

This could start the decline of major league baseball.

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