An alien from the future told, what awaits humanity in the next 10 years

You should have outlined, instead of mocking giggle. If the alien know who will be the next President of a major world power, who knows what he knows about your near future, you are our skeptic.

Прибулець з майбутнього розповів, що чекає людство в найближчі 10 років

World cinema knows thousands of convincing examples of time travel and their serious consequences for humanity, reports Rus.Media. In reality, such cases are somehow happen, to put it mildly, much less frequently than we would like.

To the editors YouTube channel Paranormal Elite who specializiruetsya, as you might guess from the title, on the convex videos from the world of the unexplained, showed footage of people asked me to call him Noah, makes an incredible recognition, sometimes interrupted by hysterical sobs.

He swears his mielofon that came from 2021 (this is the main year of existence) to 13 November 2017, to convince us that time travel exist. They say that various secret organizations have their since 2003, and the General public about this rewarding opportunity will be announced only in 2028-M.

Noah insists, though he participated in a secret government project in the US, so Packed with secret secrets and otkrovennaya, powerfully life at risk. Despite the fact that his face and voice distorted uncomplicated installation effects and are not subject to recognition, provozvestnika begs her to believe him. For example, in the fact that he lived on Earth 50 years, but takes spacereport, so looks 25. He flies back into the past and 10 years, and from all this time travel he has anorexia and depression!

Of all secrets, which he allegedly stuffed the government, Noah found it necessary to give the following. First, in 2020 trump re-elected for a second term, and he will rule America until 2024. Secondly, artificial intelligence will walk the planet broad steps, and 2021-m wide popularity will win the device which in appearance is very similar to Google Glass, and computing power compared with modern computers.

Even stranger promises that in 2021, the electric car can travel 600 km without recharging, and pleads with the earthlings to invest in energy innovation.

About such trifles as earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, who will win the football world Cup 2018 from the future somehow silent. Protects us, perhaps.

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