An almost normal life after a parachute accident

Une vie presque normale après un accident de parachute

A miracle is simply fallen from the sky in Trois-Rivières in a parachute accident on August 10, 2019. Hard to believe, but a year later, she has almost recovered to a normal life.

Lylianne Rent was in his third jump of the day, August 10, 2019, when his parachute did not open. It took the form of an egg, rather than fully deploy. The cables were all mixed up.

“My reserve parachute has not been deployed at all. I just had a parachute badly formed above the head. I still prayed in my head, in the few seconds that followed. I thought: “God, I don’t want to die just yet,” you”, she told the camera VAT News, on Wednesday.

She spent six days in a coma and had eight broken vertebrae. A piece of skull has been removed temporarily to limit the damage to his brain.

After three weeks in intensive care, the fight of his life began. She spent four months in rehabilitation.

“I didn’t speak much. I was very quiet. I have not really cried, it seems that I had no emotion. But I saw other people who had lost their legs, who had had accidents, and it made me understand at what point it was necessary that I remain strong. I tried to keep hope in spite of all, and I think it has helped me a lot to get through”, she continued.

A year after the tragedy, she has resumed an almost normal life. It makes cycling, running and climbing mountains.

“I’ve been listening to my body and I really did what he needed to in the time [needed]. This is the message I want to send. Go slowly, and don’t skip steps, and always believe in yourself, because you never know how [we can] get out”, she stressed.

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