An American called who found her tablet police in Kazakhstan supermen

PHOTO : MIR / Alan Kaziev



Instead of a red cloak – dark blue form, but they are still supermen. So says an elderly lady from America, which was helped by officers from Kazakhstan, Atyrau. She turned to him in desperation when I lost gadget with important information. And soon received it back.

“I thank Atyrau supermen because they quickly found my tablet. They did their job professionally. I am glad that the police treat everyone fairly, all the same. I’m just stunned. You know I love this city, and with the police I feel safer. I’m grateful to them, they are supermen,” says a resident of Florida, Linda Jane Jacobson.

To help the woman, the police, of course, did not jump off buildings. Instead of superpowers they used the latest technology. First, watched a lot of street surveillance cameras and caught the car of a taxi which was forgotten tablet. Then they could only connect operatives and patrol team.