An American leaves $ 10,000 tip at a restaurant prior to its forced closure

Un Américain laisse 10 000 dollars de pourboire à un restaurant avant sa fermeture forcée

Miami | A man was left in a restaurant in Florida a tip of 10 000 dollars that the 20 employees of the establishment are shared fairly before being dismissed for the most part the next day due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

“Despite all the negative stories that we hear currently, there are still people absolutely fantastic in the world”, wrote Thursday on his page in Facebook the local chain Skillets, specializing in breakfasts and famous for their Happy Hour Bar.

The customer left the tidy sum of cash last week in Naples, on the west coast of Florida, on the eve of the order given by the governor to close all restaurants in the State, except for home delivery.

“We still don’t know who it was,” said to the local press, the boss of the chain Ross Edlund, which was, however, hopeful of finding this generous benefactor.

“We have regulars who have been coming for years, they are friends, but we don’t know their names”, he explained. “We know their faces, their favorite dishes, the tables where they sit, but we don’t know exactly who they are”.

The 20 employees of the restaurant in Naples are each returned home with $ 500 extra in your pocket this evening.

Most of them are not returned to work the next day: Ross Edlund said to have been compelled to separate, because of the closures, 90% of the 200 employees of its nine restaurants in Florida.

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