BEAUTIFUL STORY The postal services investigated to be able to send this historic letter to the soldier's wife, 76 years later

An American woman receives a letter written in 1945 by her late husband, then a soldier deployed in Germany

The letter was written by the soldier then that he was in Germany (illustration). — margarita_kochneva

The widow of a former American soldier received a very nice surprise on December 9: a letter dated December 6, 1945 and written by her husband when deployed in Germany after the end of the Second World War!

The missive was intended, to at the time, at soldier's mother, reports CNN article. Former US soldier John Gonsalves was then aged 22 years old. In his letter, he describes the atmosphere in the city of Bad Orb, he takes news of his family, and above all, he indicates that he will soon return to the United States. “I was able to read it and it was wonderful. It’s in great condition, I can’t believe it,” Angelina Gonsalves, the widow of the soldier she married in 1953.

Hard work; postal services

This little interlude of happiness would not have been possible without the American postal services. The mail was found in their treatment center in Pittsburgh. Seeing the importance of this letter, they led a real investigation to deliver it to destination and search for the soldier's next of kin.

Even if at At that time, this woman did not yet know her husband, who had died. in 2015 at; At the age of 92, receiving such a letter lit up my life. his face. For one of his sons, “it’s like he was back for the holidays”.