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  • Marc-André Lemieux

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

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    Channel Life came on the air on September 8, 1997. Twenty years later, her famous apple is ripe, but still crisp. Because despite the proliferation of specialty channels, its number of subscribers has never really moved. According to the latest numbers from the CRTC, it was 2 232 000 in 2015, a result comparable to the reviews of previous years.

    Several factors explain this continued popularity, ” explains Chantal Fortier, director of original productions and brand manager of Channel Life. First, the mandate of the position has never changed. Its programming continues to revolve around three major themes : family, home and wellness.

    “We are interested in women in everyday life. We want to inspire, inform, entertain, ” said Ms. Fortier in the Journal.

    The changes of owner – Radiomutuel (1997-2000), Astral Media (2000-2013) and Bell Media (2013-now) – have never influenced the mission of Channel Life, just as the easing policies of the CRTC.

    “No one has ever tried to do something else,” stresses Chantal Fortier. Because the CRTC’s rules are less strict than before, it would be easy to be led astray. But we chose to stay the course. It has installed things that we don’t want to let it drop. “

    Star system

    Over time, Channel Life has also managed to create its own star system, launching at the same time the careers of several animators, starting with Saskia Thuot. This latest animated 746 emissions Decorates your life from 2002 to 2017, in addition to driving several other appointments.

    Photo archive, Benoît Desjardins

    Decorates your life with Saskia Thuot

    “Channel Life, this is huge for me,” says the one who landed on TVA this fall. This is huge not only professionally, but personally. I celebrated my 30th and my 40th birthday to Decorate your life. Channel Life has made me know and Decorates your life has actually radiate Canal Life. I’m still very attached. “

    The chain can also boast of having participated in the outbreak of careers in television Marie-Claude Barrette (Just featured), Louis-François Marcotte (The taste of Louis) and even Chantal Lacroix, who found herself at the controls of a show called Are you free this evening ? in 1999.

    The interior designer Manon Leblanc is also part of the headliners of the position since 2005, the year in which it began piloting Manon, tu m inspires.

    “For me, Canal Life, it is a bit like my family, note the main interested. They had the audacity to trust me from the start ! Thanks to them, I have learned to become, beyond my interior design projects, producing tv, I was offered a great freedom of expression. “

    “We gave the animation to enthusiasts, tells the story of Chantal Fortier. We chose experts who embody their content, such as Guy Corneau and Dr. Nadia. “


    The DNA Channel Life is beautiful to have remained the same, its approach has evolved since 1997.

    “We tell the stories differently,” says Chantal Fortier. It was adjusted. In renovation, there are several programs of before-and-after. Today, we are more interested in the process. We talk about surprises that we encounter at work, etc, It is less a magazine and more a reality. “

    Ms. Fortier also speaks of Canal Life as a string innovative. “We were the first to devote an issue to gays and lesbians,” she said, mentioning the Output gay, a magazine moderated by André Montmorency from 1999 to 2003.

    “We were also the first to make an issue of home staging in Quebec,” she continued, speaking of Bye-Bye House, which has recently passed the landmark of 300 episodes.

    Photo archive

    Bye-Bye house !


    The future of Canal Life seems assured. This fall, the chain will introduce its first original drama, a comedy and sketches, with Guy Nadon, Marie-Soleil Dion and Brigitte Lafleur titled family. It will also be a back in offering

    The beautiful gang, a daily hosted by Isabelle Racicot, Kim Rusk, and Patrick Langlois, who recalls The girlfriends first, this show that flew Isabelle Maréchal in the week from 1998 to 2003.

    Photo archive

    The girlfriends first

    In other words, the position should continue to cement its presence in our collective unconscious, something that is far from displeasing to his superiors.

    “We entered the imagination of the people, says Chantal Fortier. It is not uncommon to hear a comedian mention us on stage saying : “My girlfriend watches the shows of Channel Life…” We became a reference. We like it. “

    Flagship programs

    1. Decorates your life (2002 -2017) ► 746 episodes

    2. Girlfriends first (1998 – 2003) ► 709 episodes

    3. Delusions of grandeur (2007-present) ► 404 episodes

    4. Hello Doctor (1997-1999) ► 403 episodes

    5. Bye-Bye house ! (2006-today) ► 337 episodes

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