An Argyll patient repeatedly attacked by another resident

An elderly resident of the Argyll Shelter lived through difficult months, having been the target of another beneficiary who had set her sights on her. The 85-year-old lady, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, has been the victim of various attacks since last May, when she arrived at the CHSLD.

His daughter, Chantal Provencher, said that she had recorded about twenty physical events that had not been suffered by her mother. She denounces the inaction of the management to isolate the person at the origin of the attacks despite his repeated requests.

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“My file is expanded,” she says, in an interview with La Tribune . I took notes every time I was called to report that my mother had been assaulted. It was always the same person who was attacking my mother. ”

“She was punched, kicked, slapped in the face. She was pounded on one foot by a wheelchair. My mother had her arm squeezed and pinched. It’s crazy what happened to him! ”

It’s only in recent days that the elderly lady who has been the source of repeated problems has been changed from one unit to another, adds Provencher, exhausted by these months of twists and turns. “We entrust our parents to CHSLDs, thinking that they will be safe. Events such as my mother’s may happen, but we see how the lack of staff makes them repeat themselves all the time. ”

“My mother has been in Argyll since May 3 and the next day I was called because she had been abused. It did not stop after. It’s incredible.”

Ms. Provencher’s complaint is in addition to other facts about Argyll Lodge activities. It was recently learned that the Québec Ombudsman opened an investigation following complaints received about residents who could remain full days without leaving the bed.

Also, up to 40 percent of employees at CHSLD Argyll are absent from work some days, read in La Tribune last week.

On Tuesday, it was learned that the coroner was charged with investigating the death of a resident of the Argyll Hospital and Shelter in Sherbrooke. The CIUSSS of Estrie – CHUS said it referred the file to the coroner to confirm that nothing suspicious is associated with the event occurred Monday.


Chantal Provencher would not be surprised to learn that the lady who attacked her mother could also have made other victims. The verifications made by the management of the long-term care center show no.

It is said that measures have been taken to prevent contact between the two ladies. The beneficiary at the origin of the violent contacts also suffers from dementia and seems to have taken in dislike Mrs. Provencher’s mother. She did not initially have the profile of a person commanding her transfer to the second floor protection unit.

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