An earthquake shakes a city in the north of China a major hit in 1976

Un séisme secoue une ville du nord de la Chine durement frappée en 1976

An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.7 has shaken Sunday, according to the american institute USGS, the city of Tangshan, in northern China, which had been hit in 1976 by a devastating earthquake.

The balance in human and material resources of this earthquake, whose tremors were felt in Beijing, was not yet known Sunday in the late morning.

The tremor took place Sunday at 06h38 local time (22h38 GMT Saturday) and its epicentre was located in a residential area located in the suburbs of Tangshan, about 200 kilometers east of Beijing, said the USGS.

Depending on the services of seismological chinese, with a magnitude of 5.1, it occurred at 10 kilometers depth.

On July 28, 1976, an earthquake of 7.8 followed by an aftershock of 7.1 fifteen hours later, it had destroyed the mining town, which by then had approximately one million inhabitants.

The official report of the chinese authorities had reported 240,000 deaths, a figure which is underestimated, according to western experts.

The official news agency new China announced Sunday the suspension of the railways crossing the area affected by the earthquake in the expectation of an inspection of the infrastructure.

A video posted on Twitter by State media watch chinese items falling from the shelves of the stores of Tangshan under the effect of the earthquake.

“I still have a little fear. It is still an earthquake of magnitude 5.1 “, told AFP a receptionist of the hotel Tangjiashanhe to Tangshan.

“I was 12 years old when the earthquake of Tangshan occurred in 1976 “, he added.

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