An easy adaptation for golfers

Une adaptation facile pour les golfeurs

Our journalists have also all kinds of problems and events in their daily lives. They offer us their personal testimonies, in which many of our readers will recognize.

It was expected that the practice of golf is very different this season. Force is to note that after the first stirring, this is not quite the case. With the exception of the way to retrieve his ball into the cup, the game has not changed.

Like tens of thousands of golfers, I was looking forward to this tee shot. Borrowing a term from a source interviewed in the déconfinement athlete, I was eager to severely “punish” this little white ball.

And without restraint, I have to say that she has eaten an entire first flight of the big mallet ! The rest, I’ve forgotten it in an instant. I will take the direction of a field of practice in the near future to correct the wrong folds of a harsh winter and two months of encabanage.

The simple fact of pushing the ball on the beautiful golf course of the club of Boucherville, Wednesday, was enough for a splendid day under the sun.

The last effort was on 10 march, the complex TopGolf Jacksonville during the week of the players Championship of the PGA. Three days before the crisis of the COVID-19 explodes and makes us realize its breadth and its severity.

Different atmosphere

So here we are, out of our dens, in a place where the separation physical is natural. But by going to the first tee, you feel a different atmosphere.

The new reality jumped out at me : the host by an agent hidden, people waiting keeping a distance from others, the multiple panels recalling the instructions, the stations of disinfection. The golf course had changed. The social aspect takes a beating during the pandemic. Like me, people were happy to finally reconnect with their passion.

The 30-minute journey to the starting flow rapidly. By limiting to four the number of golfers on each of the two greens of the year, the “pratiqueux” that I was not satiated and is suspicious of the first impulses without having hit a few balls.

I headed to my playmates, one of whom was Daniel Melançon of Hi Hello ! to VAT. After a cordial greeting without a handshake, it turns on.

Don’t touch it !

Among the new habits of game to which it must adapt, it is necessary to avoid the flag like the plague. As soon as the first holes, sacrilege, I have sinned due to a reflex old to 23 years old. I asked a mate to remove the banner for my rolled. And as he sped up, he is immediately reminded of the setpoint. The rod must remain in place.

The clubs have all adopted a solution to recover the ball in the cup without touching it. The club of Boucherville has opted for an ingenious contraption that raises the ball off and out of the hole. Thus, a good rolled is rewarded by falling into the cup.

At the end of the party, in the direction of the car. The 19th hole, a place for all stories, will be waiting at the house. Rather than recount my adventures to my father and friends, it is my better half, who was hurt in the very short story. Anyway, there was no large feat to relate, only a nice first day.

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