An elected official in Laval wants to pay citizens

A councillor from Laval requires that taxpayers pay for its legal expenses while she has to defend that he failed to declare a personal interest in the City.

In February of last year, our Bureau of investigation revealed that three municipal councillors, including Isabella Tassoni, were the subject of an investigation by the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) for failing to declare possession of land or an interest in a business in the City of Laval, which is contrary to their code of ethics.

Ms. Tassoni would have been slow to declare his share in a property management firm, as the purchase of vacant land in an area where a company of which his father is a shareholder intends to make real estate development.

A declaration of interest incomplete may result in the prohibition to sit on a municipal council for five years.

“The facts admitted “

After completing its investigations, the investigative branch of the CMQ has recently asked Ms. Tassoni record a plea of guilty to failing to declare his interests, ” since it would be already, anyway, admitted certain facts […] in the media “, can we read in a petition filed recently in the superior Court.

Ms. Tassoni, who pleads innocence, has hired lawyers last march to defend themselves and now demand that the City of Laval sponge its legal expenses.

However, the administration of mayor Marc Demers refuses to do so.

Ms. Tassoni is therefore addressed to the court on may 7 to compel the City to pay all its bills of lawyers.

Do not impoverish

In his motion, the councillor of the area Laval-des-Rapides says that she is afraid of the “poorer” if the City doesn’t help to defend, since it has a “modest salary” as a municipal advisor. It also claims that the law requires municipalities to pay the legal expenses of its representatives.

The City of Laval has not wanted to comment on the case.

But according to our information, the administration invoked as an argument of denial that the allegations made against Ms. Tassoni are not occurring in the performance of his duties as an advisor.

Two other advisers of the party, Action Laval, Paolo Galati and David De Cotis, are also in the crosshairs of the CMQ for failing to declare their interests to the City.

According to our information, Mr. De Cotis, the former chairman of the executive committee, is also being investigated by the UPAC because he would have intervened on the development of a residential area where it owns land.

The advisors Of Cotis, Galati and Tassoni, have since withdrawn from the caucus of the party, Action Laval.

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