An email from Willie Mays to Albert Pujols

An email from Willie Mays to Albert Pujols

Having now passed Willie Mays in fifth place on the most homerun count in major league baseball history, Dominican Albert Pujols, living legend of the Los Angeles Angels, received a valuable email recently.

“Willie Mays emailed me asking why I took so long,” said Pujols, who needed 22 days between his 659th and 660th home runs.

“It's really special. We're talking about Willie Mays. He is simply amazing. What he's accomplished on the pitch is very special, but who he is on the outside, I think that's what people honor the most. ”

Friday night, just five days after leveling Mays, Pujols hit two home runs, his 661st and 662nd, in a game played at Angel Stadium against the Texas Rangers.

It was also his 60th career game with more than one home run.

The Angels won 6-2, but with a 22-30 record, Pujols and his teammates are very likely to miss the playoffs.

The Greatest Home Hitters in Major League Baseball History:

1 – Barry Bonds 762

2 – Hank Aaron 755

3 – Babe Ruth 714

4 – Alex Rodriguez 696

5 – Albert Pujols 662

6 – Willie Mays 660

7 – Ken Griffey Jr. 630

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