An entrepreneur continues the business of masks, bigarade orange

Un entrepreneur poursuit l’entreprise de masques Bigarade

Management issues, refusal of payment and difficult working conditions. The company bigarade orange, which is engaged in the production of masks in full pandemic of the COVID-19, would not have been able to meet the expectations of its suppliers and its customers, according to a lawsuit recently against Bedding Fine bigarade orange and Geneviève Allard-Lorange.

The montreal entrepreneur Dominic Gagnon claims for nearly$ 400,000. M Gagnon, it would have provided financial support and entrepreneurial for the production of hundreds of thousands of masks, many of which were not able to be rendered.

Geneviève Lorange, owner of the company, bedding, bigarade orange

Since its inception in 2014, the company of Geneviève Allard-Lorange prides itself on producing locally the bedding eco-friendly quality. It has the style on the street in Hochelaga since April of 2016, but also operates an online store.

Dominic Gagnon sponsors regularly of small businesses through Adopt inc. Gagnon alleges that it would have concluded, on the 9th of April last, an agreement with Geneviève Allard-Lorange, so that it can meet the growing demand. Mr. Gagnon is alleged to have then hired 15 employees, set up a call center and designed a marketing plan to help Ms. Allard-Lorange, who had promised to its customers masks approved for use in the hospital.

Dominic Gagnon

In just one month, according to the lawsuit, sales of masks have reached the 1, 643 322,75$. However, the small team would not have managed to produce more than 15 000 masks per week, although it had promised between 100 000 and 300 000.

Payments recovered

Ms. Allard-Lorange would, according to the lawsuit, quick to pay, and even refused to pay Dominic Gagnon, to finally provide him with a payment of 161 475,62$ by cheque. Ten days after having received the sum, Dominic Gagnon is alleged to have found that the amount had been returned to his bank account at Desjardins. Geneviève Lorange would have falsely claimed, according to the lawsuit, having been a victim of fraud, which would have enabled the imperial Bank to return the funds.

Advertising campaign

The “bigamasques” have received a lot of visibility in the media since the beginning of the pandemic. A communications director who prefers to remain anonymous, has been hired to boost sales. “I had a contract that ran from April 10 to may 10, has entrusted us with the man in the interview. We managed to have many interviews with me. She owes me more than$ 10,000.”

On Tuesday evening, Geneviève Allard – Lorange announced the end of Bedding bigarade orange on the page Facebook of the company. Many comments from dissatisfied customers asking for deliveries or refunds claimed in the publication. Attached to the phone, she said they want to focus only on the trade-masks and other goods-oriented “medical”.

She admits that his company has experienced supply problems. She did not want to comment on specific cases in order not to affect the judicial process.

Difficult working conditions

During the last two weeks, we collected twelve stories from people who have already worked for bigarade orange, and which we have reported one or more negative experiences in psychologically or financially.

According to the testimonies, Geneviève Allard-Lorange would have hired people that she could easily manipulate, in particular by wielding the threat of removing a work visa for employees from abroad. The ex-employees claimed that it would have had to resort to the “mercy” to avoid paying wages. All persons to whom we have spoken have told us it is frequently “ran” after their pay.

“I worked for several weeks in a row, seven days a week, reports the French Priscillia Deltombe, who started work at bigarade orange in 2017. Geneviève asked me to “make miracles” with the sales so she could pay me,” said she.

A medical situation precarious was put off work in the winter of 2017 under the recommendation of the doctor. “Genevieve had convinced me to return to work, supports the young woman who feared losing her visa if she refused to return to work. She made me lift heavy loads. I have one fallopian tube that exploded at work, I made an internal bleeding and I lost my fallopian tube.”

While its production was made entirely near her home in Drummondville, Manon Daneau would have been encouraged by Geneviève Allard-Lorange to move to Montreal, which has forced it to hire at his expense a local Montreal not to lose his job at sevilla orange.

Manon Daneau, former production manager of the company’s sewing bigarade orange.

Manon remembers many misunderstandings regarding the priorities of sewing. “I found myself having a sewing business on the measure at the last minute and I was sleeping on my cutting table to save time”, she argues. In December 2016, after two months of round-trip daily between Montreal and Drummondville, she has passed exams for a bump on a breast. “After that, in the large stress, I sewed all the commands that Genevieve had promised to clients for Christmas, working 20 hours per day. On 8 February, I learned that I had breast cancer and Genevieve has used my cancer to publish a large message melodramatic on Facebook, saying that production delays were due to my illness.” In march, Manon Daneau lost her job to be rather “paid to play”, so she always had a local to pay.

Camille Goyette-Gingras has lived ‘six months of stress” as a seamstress in bigarade orange in 2017. “Like many other people, I had a fixed schedule, but I was declared as self-employed.”

Camille Goyette-Gingras

After six months in the employment of bigarade orange, Camille was considered an employee senior. “There was a turnover incredible and Geneviève succeeded in ensuring that the employees have a negative image of themselves. She told me that I didn’t deserve the wages are already low as I did.”

The company bigarade orange is a warning from Health Canada in April

By Jean Balthazard

Health Canada has asked last April, the company, bigarade orange to stop any deceptive advertising on its web site, after that company had used the words “Approved by Health Canada to promote his masks without permission.

At the beginning of April, bigarade orange was the promotion of his masks, mentioning that it held a licence from Health Canada. The problem is that at this time, the company had no certification for manufacture of medical devices on the part of the federal agency.

Health Canada, informed of this situation to be the result of a complaint, has therefore asked the company to stop misleading advertising on its web site.

On a publication of Facebook to be withdrawn, dating back to April, a few people gave already questioned the validity of the masks. “I really hope that the publication is not an attempt to sneak to sell a product by taking advantage of the vulnerability,” said one of them.

No response

After having seen them in April of this same publication, an employee of a large hospital centre of Montreal, who prefers to remain anonymous has contacted the company bigarade orange to validate the license of the masks before placing an order to supply its sector non-healthcare workers.

Bigarade orange, however, has avoided, despite several e-mails, provide any proof of certification. “By doing the steps, I realized that there was something that was wrong”, she said.

Bigarade orange has finally obtained its establishment license of medical instruments from the may 19, 2020, confirms a spokesperson for Health Canada. The case is considered resolved by the department.

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