An entrepreneur in Quebec donated masks

Un entrepreneur de Québec fait don de masques

A contractor from Quebec was donated to the medical City of Sainte-Foy of protective masks with which he was not used.

The equipment is in high demand in this period of crisis. The gift is modest, but very much appreciated.

Simon Mercier was handed over to the Medical City of Sainte-Foy, on Thursday morning, 19 masks of N95 type.

“Yes, these masks will be very useful, because there is a great shortage of these masks across America. Therefore, it will be very useful in particular moments, in order to protect our employees,” explained Dr. Michel Hébert, medical doctor at medical City. It was he who recovered the two boxes brought by Simon Mercier of the company Drolet Springs.

“The work has decreased, there are far fewer people on the floor. This ensures that material resources, including masks, are much less solicited. Therefore, it was thought, with the agreement of the bosses, give these masks to people who need it more, so people from the health community,” explained the director of development at Drolet Springs.

N95 masks are high quality masks and procedures, those commonly worn by health professionals.

“These are masks that we will wear in some circumstances, when one is with a patient who is likely to send us a virus by aerosol or everything that happens around him,” added Dr. Hébert.

“One has 19. It is sure that it does not appear to be much like that, but we what we want to do is start a movement, to encourage other companies like us to give their masks, knowing very well that they will stay on the shelves and will come to nothing. So I think that, together, we can make a difference,” said Simon Mercier, once its mission is completed.

Quebec is on pause, but he believes everyone can do his or her part to get through this crisis.