An ex-police officer white is accused of murder for having shot and killed an African-American in Atlanta

Un ex-policier blanc inculpé de meurtre pour avoir abattu un Afro-Américain à Atlanta

ATLANTA | A former police officer white was charged with murder on Wednesday, five days after he shot and killed a young black man, Rayshard Brooks, Atlanta, georgia, a tragedy that has revived anger anti-racism in the United States.

Eleven felony charges have been retained against Garrett Rolfe, 27 years old, including “murder”, punishable by the death penalty in Georgia, said the prosecutor of Fulton county, Paul Howard, during a press conference.

“We have concluded that at the time of his death, Mr. Brooks was not an immediate threat of death or serious injury to the agents,” said the prosecutor.

A video revealed that the police officer had given a kick to his victim, once it is on the ground. This “does not reflect a sense of fear towards Mr. Brooks, but another kind of emotion,” commented Paul Howard.

Another police officer present at the time of the arrest, fatal, Devin Brosnan, for his part, was charged with assault and violation of his oath, particularly because it is standing on the injured. He has agreed to cooperate with investigators.

Warrants of arrest were issued against the two men, to which the prosecutor has given a day to make.

Friday night, employees of a restaurant fast-food restaurant had called the police because a person fell asleep at the wheel of his car was blocking the access to the service at the wheel.

On their arrival, the agents had discovered Rayshard Brooks, 27 years old, in a state of intoxication.

The young man was “cordial, quiet, and cooperative”, the prosecutor stressed. The situation escalated when officers tried to stop them.

On images of the drama, we see him take the Taser gun of one of the police officers and take the leak. The officer Rolfe has opened fire.

According to the official postmortem, Rayshard Brooks was the victim of a homicide after receiving two bullets in the back.

Garrett Rolfe was immediately dismissed from the police, and his colleague, assigned to administrative tasks.

But the drama has rekindled the anger in the United States, strained since the death of George Floyd, an African-American, was asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis on may 25.

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