An international Carnival

Un Carnaval international

Year after year, the Québec winter Carnival offers original activities that draw in the Old capital of thousands of spectators from the four corners of the globe. The 66e edition is no exception.

Alva Bernal, originally from Colombia and installed in Quebec for the past thirty years, adapted well to the customs of the region. She knows very well the Carnival having been there many times.

Estelle Segrera, cousin of Alva Bernal, and the mother of the latter, Victoria Maldonado.

In the view to know his adopted city to his cousin, Estelle Segrera, she decided to make him discover the Carnival during their vacation.

“She didn’t know the snow! She came to see winter, so we took the opportunity to show him the beauty of Quebec, the cold weather, but also the warmth of the Québécois!”, says Ms. Bernal which ensures that the favorite activity of her cousin is The Landed Christie.

“Where it comes from, it has a Carnival like the one in Rio. So we wanted to make him aware of a nordic”, she adds.

“It’s cold! “

A school in Mexico, the Instituto New, has even decided to offer a trip to Quebec with some of his students to see the Carnival. While the mercury represents only the point of freezing, some of them have admitted to being a bit cold, in spite of their all-new winter coat bought for the occasion.

The teachers Gabriella Bella and Dominica Lanschek (centre right) and several of their students from the Instituto New, Mexico.

“It is cold, I am not used to,” says Miguel Martinez, near a fire at the Camp in Jos, who said being in his first visit to Canada.

“But until now, we really love the City. We like to throw balls of snow,” he adds, laughing.

An immersive experience

Among the activities proposed by the organizers of the event, which will attract crowds, Pixel stands out particularly. Located in the Palace of Bonhomme, in the Zone Loto-Québec, the immersive experience immerses participants in retro arcades from 1980 to 1990.

The young Axel plays in the part Pixel to the castle of the Man.

Five separate tables are created by the firm MATIÈRS invite people to interact with the scenery and to press various buttons, levers, and other playful objects. All this, in a sort of mini-maze colorful and fluorescent, installed on maritime containers and hide behind walls of snow.

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