An invention for cuddling in quarantine

Une invention ingénieuse pour les câlins en quarantaine

A teacher in primary school who was bored of his students has found a way safe and convenient to take her in his arms.

With 12 plastic bags and a little creativity, Shelby Pavelka, Indiana, has tinkered a wall of plastic equipped with holes for the arms so that his wife, Kelsey, to be able to hug her students.

“I’ve had students who arrived in common,” said second-grade teacher in an interview with CNN. “After that, we got hugs and it was new. There are a lot of dance moves and jokes involved.”

Ms. Pavelka has seen the idea circulating on the network TikTok before you use them and adapt. She added a stool for the smaller to be at its height. The system hugs the quarantine is equipped with several disinfectants between each use.

“Several parents have told me that their children had really need them,” she said, speaking to a human contact. So far, 14 of his students have already come to visit and receive their hug.

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