An Irish doctor has debunked the main myth about the spine

Ирландский врач развенчала главный миф о позвоночнике

The spine is much tougher than we think. We just need to properly train him.

Most people think that the spine is one of the greatest errors of evolution. Because about 80% of adults suffer from back pain. Is this evidence not enough? However, the truth is that the spine is a solid structure. We just use it wrong, says Fiona Wilson, a Professor at Trinity College (Dublin).

All “know” that lifting heavy items puts the health back in jeopardy. Therefore, to avoid back injuries among employees, many companies introduce special training and the purchase of ergonomic equipment like lifts, writes

The most common advice shared on these trainings, is that you need to avoid heavy lifting. However, studies have shown that such training be ineffective to prevent back pain and injuries. A different approach is needed.

To be strong, the human body tissue may be subjected to loads. And the spine is a good example. Regular loads prepare the joints, muscles and ligaments to perform the desired task. No one expects to run a marathon without preparing the body to such a load. It is therefore logical that the ability to lift a certain weight also requires preparation.

It is proved that the absence of loads having a devastating impact on the spine. Studies involving astronauts showed that the lack of proper loading in microgravity leads to a decrease in muscle stiffness of the spine and swelling of the disks. After flying in healthy astronauts appeared back pain. Long unloading was the cause of the weakening of the spine, and this, in turn, provoked the pain.

Those who say that you need to avoid heavy lifting, argue that the problem is not one just picked up. Recurring and regular bending of the back is called dangerous for the spine, especially in combination with twisting. This idea was tested on a high end rowers.

They completely bend and load back hundreds of times during each workout. Within 12 months about a third of the members of the group complained of episodic back pain which most of them have fully recovered.

This confirms that most rowers do not damage the back and spine copes with such activity. This also indicates that the load on the spine can lead to pain, but to understand its true reasons, you need to consider other factors.

This means that there is a certain “Golden point” in which the back gradually adapts to the stress. The rapid increase in the load when there is insufficient recovery leads to the appearance of pain in rowers. Those of them who are moving correctly and uses the hips, knees and other joints hurt yourself less likely.

Another discovery made by the study of the rowers, contrary to the traditional view that it is impossible to put bent back.

In fact, the spine is more stable when curved. Keep your back straight and to squat a little bit when lifting weights suggest to use the muscles of the thighs. But the Council can play a cruel joke, if the involved muscles are weak. Therefore, it is necessary to take time to strengthen these muscles.

People become less active and overweight. This means that they become less trained and less able to cope with the loads for which it was created. So the best way to prevent back pain is to train.

Instead follow the advice to avoid heavy lifting, you should make these exercises part of the routine. Only training will ensure the development of the back muscles.

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