an organizer indicted for endangering the life of others

    an organizer indicted for endangering the life of others

    This Monday evening, the public prosecutor of Ille-et-#Villaine announced the indictment of one of the organizers of the rave party held this weekend in Brittany, in particular for endangering the life of others.

    The Rennes public prosecutor, Philippe Astruc, held a press conference on Monday evening to take stock of the state of the proceedings instituted after the organization of a rave party in Lieuron, from Thursday evening to Saturday morning. One of the organizers was indicted on Monday evening, in particular for endangering the lives of others, announced the magistrate.

    The required detention

    Philippe Astruc clarified that this man, born in 1999, has no criminal record. He was indicted in particular for illicit organization of this event, endangering the lives of others or illegal holding of a drinking establishment. The prosecutor requested a detention.

    A young man of 22 years had been arrested had been arrested Saturday in Iffendic in Ille-et-#Villaine, at the same time as another person. Placed in custody, he admitted having participated in the organization of this wild party.

    A sum of money, narcotics, and over 1000 SMS

    A search had made it possible to seize a sum of money that could come from the cash register of the event, narcotics, important sound equipment and a heavy vehicle, the prosecutor said this weekend.

    The investigation revealed that the indicted had sent more than 1,000 SMS on Thursday, December 31, concerning the organization of the illegal party in two disused hangars of Lieuron. His phone had limited to Lieuron “on December 31 in the early afternoon (when the equipment was installed on the scene in all discretion)”, also explained the magistrate. But “a single person does not organize such a rally” and “it is necessary to identify the other organizers, that they answer for their acts in front of the criminal court”, underlined Monday the prosecutor.

    The rave party posed a significant health risk due to the lack of respect for barrier gestures. Overflows were also observed, a gendarmerie car being set on fire while three officers were injured by thrown projectiles.

    The rave party, about 36 hours long, brought together up to 2,500 people.

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