an organizer indicted for “endangering the lives of others”

    an organizer indicted for “endangering the lives of others”

    To celebrate the new year, 2,400 people gathered on Thursday, December 31, in Lieuron, south of Rennes, despite the curfew.

    One of the organizers of the wild party which gathered, despite the curfew, about 2,400 people in Lieuron (Ille-et-#Vilaine) on the occasion of the New Year was indicted on Monday January 4, announced the prosecutor of the Republic of Rennes. He was indicted in particular for “unlawful organization of this event”, “endangering the life of others” or “unlawful holding of a drinking establishment”. The prosecutor requested a detention.

    Earlier today, the 22-year-old admitted the facts. Arrested on Saturday in Iffendic (Ille-et-#Vilaine), the young man, with a blank record, had initially indicated “to have been a simple participant and to have been exceptionally authorized to mix by the organizers”, according to the prosecutor. But “his remarks denying any involvement as an organizer are contradicted in particular by the telephony elements”, had specified the magistrate Sunday.

    The investigation indeed revealed “sending more than 1,000 people the exact location of the rave-party on Thursday, December 31 at the end of the afternoon” and “his mobile phone terminal in Lieuron on December 31 at the beginning of the afternoon (when the equipment was installed on the premises in all discretion)”, according to the magistrate.

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