An unconventional way of voting Ukrainians offer

Derevyanko proposes to introduce voting in elections via the Internet or mail.

Нетрадиційний спосіб голосування пропонують українцям

The Presidential candidate of Ukraine Yuriy Derevyanko has registered a bill according to which the electorate of the proposed non-traditional options will on elections: Internet voting and voting by mail, informs Rus.Media.

In the explanatory note to the bill No. 10129 said that currently millions of people for various reasons (mostly forced) do not live at the place of registration.

“This is particularly true today, when several million Ukrainians have been forced due to lack of work and means of survival of their families to travel for employment abroad, and several millions became internally displaced persons due to annexation and occupation of the territory of our state. These citizens for their trouble when the state failed to protect them, today still denied the right to be heard in the elections”, – said Yuri Derevjanko.

To solve this problem, it is proposed to choose one of the additional options. First: the citizen within 30 days before the polling day refers to the body maintaining the State register of voters with a written statement about voting by mail. Second: submit the electronic application for Internet voting.

Online voting can be held in the voting day, and post – within 10 days before the voting day.

Derev’yanko is convinced that, in practice, electronic voting can be performed using personal gadget if you have an electronic digital signature.

In addition, to keep the polls, print ballots and count manually the votes will be unnecessary. Will have to invest in the establishment and later updating of software. This strategy will make the online election is cheaper than regular paper.