An unemployed nephew of Beckham blames him for their poverty

Безработный племянник Бекхэма обвиняет его в своей нищете

17-year-old nephew of David Beckham recently publicly accused her famous uncle of David Beckham in his poverty. The teenager says that while he lives in a small apartment, his cousin-a millionaire enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

An unemployed nephew of the athlete Freddie Avery lives together with his 50-year-old father Colin in a Studio apartment. It is reported that the older sister of David Beckham Lynn back in 2010 divorced Colin took with him a younger son Josh and settled in a house worth 470,000 pounds. Sam Freddie and his sister Georgina remained with the father.

Now Freddie accuses his relative of David Beckham in that he refuses to help his family, even though the player lives in a luxurious mansion, and his eldest son Brooklyn is already a millionaire. In his misery, nephew blames it star uncle.


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