An unusual cause of Allergy.

The first symptoms of hay fever – sensitivity to the pollen of plants from allergies, according to the forecasts of physicians, will begin to appear from mid-April.

Незвичайні причини алергії

Most often reaction causes the pollen of birch, hazel, alder. But there are rare types of allergies.


There are several forms of allergic reactions which induce a low temperature. The most common is cold urticaria. After contact with water or air, the skin – most often on the face, neck, hands, ear, begins to hurt or itch. An accurate diagnosis will put a doctor-allergist. To define it will help cold test and a blood test. If you are allergic to cold should be possible to close the body, tightly buttoning his clothes, put on the face and hands protective cream, take antihistamines, and carry out the procedure of hardening.

The sun

A sun Allergy is a very rare phenomenon. Doctors klassificeret it as solar urticaria. The skin becomes red, there is burning, itching, swelling. Can worsen, and overall health. Among the reasons for such a reaction to the sun – pathology and disease, including chronic disorders of pigment metabolism, deficiency in certain vitamins, uncontrolled medication, and skin phototype. To treat Allergy to the sun must comprehensively. You should minimize sun exposure, use barrier cream, wear closed clothes, sunglasses.


Pure allergic to water around the world is extremely rare. Reasons may be illness, long-term treatment of certain drugs. Experts advise in case of allergic reactions carefully choose the drinking water is well filtered or spring water. Contact with water should be minimized, and all homework should be performed in protective gloves.

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Cause allergic reactions can become severe stress. This so-called nervous Allergy. It is caused by strong stress, strain, depression. In fact, a failure occurs in the body, causing abnormal immune system. The allergen is absent, and symptoms in the form of small rash, redness, peeling, are. Experts call this state pseudoallergy.


Natural coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid. This is one of the reasons for allergic reactions. It can trigger chronic diseases, such as disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. If you are allergic to coffee should pay attention to the foods and drinks with similar ingredients: chocolate, energy and soft drinks as well as drugs. No experts recommend to drink green tea. But a good alternative may be chicory.


There is Allergy and computers – but rather the details: to impart fire resistant properties to some of them put a special chemical reagent. However, over time it evaporates. There is a version that “provocateur” is simply the dust that accumulates on the computer desktop. In sensitive people, with weakened immune systems, can manifest allergic reaction in the form of a stuffy nose, runny nose, skin rash.

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