An unusual cause of mental disorders

Необычная причина психических расстройств

A three-year study involving 7 thousand people, which was written by Danish scientists, ended with the conclusion of experts that the life next to the wrong neighbors can seriously undermine human health.

If you have to constantly put up with noise from neighboring apartments, this can lead to mental illness and stress, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists for a long time watching the lives of people in tenement houses, and stated: too noisy neighbors make you not only irritated.

“The noise from neighboring apartments may contribute to disruption of circadian rhythms of activity and rest – this, in turn, is associated with development of neurosis, depression, metabolic syndrome and diabetes,” — said the authors.

Scientists have determined how noisy behaved neighbors of the project participants. The experts concluded that the greatest danger to the human nervous system represent loud music and long parties. In addition, the mental health undermines the noise from repair work.

Those of their subjects who was “lucky” to live next door to people who prefer activity at a later time and producing a lot of noise, 2.5 times more likely to suffer depression, experts noted.


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