Analyst: Ukrainian protests aimed not at Zelensky or Putin

Политолог: украинские протесты нацелены не на Зеленского или Путина

© REUTERS / Valentyn OgirenkoKiev and Paris held protests in connection with the summit in “channel format”. Whose attention are trying to attract the protesters, suggested on radio Sputnik analyst Eugene Ben.In Kiev near the office of Vladimir Zelensky opponents of the President of Ukraine broke the tent town, reports the edition “Strenia”.The organizers promise that the protest will be indefinite, if the President in the course of negotiations in “Norman format”, which will be held today in Paris, “accept the terms” of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.Sunday on Independence square in Central Kiev held a rally with similar demands. It was attended by former President Peter Poroshenko.In the French capital, the Ukrainian opposition also tried to assert themselves. There was a rally, which was attended by about 150 people from Bandera flags and anti-Russian placards.However, as reported in the Facebook “Movement of the veterans of Ukraine”, which organized the rally, the protesters pelted with eggs.What to expect the protesters, suggested on radio Sputnik journalist, political scientist, head of the Moscow political club of Eugene Ben.”This long-awaited summit, there were a lot of nuances that interfered with his conduct, first of all, on the Ukrainian side. The fact that it came to reality, annoyed by those in Ukraine, who bet on the confrontation with Russia is more than politics and Economics, this was the entire content of their life. Agreement that may arise between Russia and Ukraine, discharging into the Donbas, will mean the collapse of the Ukrainian nationalist syndrome, which is a parasite in the war. They use the fact that the West is ever more sensitive to the protests. And it was done in order to put pressure on Putin or Zelensky – bet to put pressure on (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel, (French President Emmanuel) Rules, affect the mood of the Western public. But such statements have no basic value”, ‒ said Eugene Ben.The summit in the Normandy format with participation of heads of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany to be held on 9 December at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

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