Analytics: the rating of popularity of trump has reached its highest level

Аналитики: рейтинг популярности Трампа достиг наивысшей отметки

© RIA Novosti / Eva Marie Uzcategui.The US President Donald trump. Archival photopopularity Rating of US President Donald trump has achieved the highest marks, despite the passage of the vote of the judiciary Committee of the U.S. house of representatives, approved two articles of impeachment Trump, according to a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University.”Forty-three percent of registered voters say they approve of the job he is doing and 52% disapprove,” – said in a press release, Quinnipiac University, summarizing the results of a survey published on Monday.Prior to the beginning of impeachment hearings in the survey conducted on 23 October, only 38% of participants endorsed the results of the presidential work.According to the analyst, Quinnipiac University Mary snow, this high level of support for the President among other things due to the fact that, in the opinion of the electorate, the economy of the country is strengthened. Especially this contributes to the “fallen to 50-year low level of unemployment combined with record high ratings of the securities”.Among the supporters of the Republican party, trump received approval from 92% of respondents, while 94% of Democrats expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the President.According to the poll, among independent candidates, the ranking of trump has risen since his inauguration, with 42% of respondents said that they approve of the job President.The survey was conducted from 11 to 15 December 1390 among registered voters across the country. The statistical error is about 2.6%.

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