Ancient Stela has confirmed the existence of a king from the old Testament

Древняя стела подтвердила существование царя из Ветхого Завета

Stele on which is written the text for your king Mesha in the mid-ninth century BC, was re-translated by scientists from the Institute of archaeology of tel Aviv University. According to the new version, the artifact is referred to king Balak, which were previously found only in the old Testament, according to

After 2018 in Paris put up the lost fragments of the stele, it was possible to fill in the gaps in the understanding of the message. So, a new interpretation of the 31-th line. Earlier it was said about the house of David, now the experts came to the conclusion that we are talking about Wallace.

Therefore, king Balak could be a real historical figure, who ruled South of the river Arnon, which is located on the territory of modern Jordan. Also on Palace described in the book of Numbers. In it, he persuaded the prophet Balaam to bring a curse on the Israeli people.

The stele was discovered in 1868 an Alsatian priest. The Arabs, who learned that the stele intend to take, smashed the artifact. The text is written on Milavitsa language.

Earlier archaeologists in the Egyptian quarry found graffiti of the Governor of Judea, Pontius Pilate, who, according to religious texts, he headed the trial of Jesus Christ.