And how do you like the idea of Andrei Reva?

The Minister of social policy of Ukraine Andriy Reva has proposed to charge the alimony in favor of disabled parents.

А як вам ця ідея Андрія Реви?

As recalled by the blogger Alexander Skubchenko, Ukraine has not charged a single social contribution (ERU) for salaries above 55 thousand hryvnia. “22% of ERUs in Ukraine is not payable salaries from 55 thousand hryvnia. That is, the head of” Naftogaz “KOBOLEV, which receives more than 1 million per month-grant-yet who earn 100 thousand a month, judges and prosecutors, their pensions do not provide their deductions , and deductions for those who earn crumbs,” wrote Skubchenko in Facebook, reports Rus.Media.

Alexander OKHRIMENKO, President, Ukrainian analytical center, two children, Kiev:

– This is more a PR campaign than a reasonable proposal of our Minister. You can not pay attention, as to make it practically impossible.

Yaroslav DOLYNIUK, a nurse, two children, three grandchildren, Lviv:

– My children help, but the government forcing them to do wrong. It would be better pensions increased and prices reduced, but did not show concern for the elderly by young people.

Michael BRUSCO, retired military, two children, three grandchildren, Zaporozhye:

– The nonsense, not the idea! The situation is all different, different relationships, different possibilities. And social policy, which should aim to support people looking for loopholes to shift their responsibilities to others. I help children and grandchildren. You can’t, then we must die.

Irina SERGEEVA, the seamstress, two children, Kharkiv:

– My neighbors had two kids, raised, fed, treated, and when the mother was paralysed by a stroke, she was left alone: no money for food or help with the housework, no trivial calls, “How are you?”. They only came to her funeral. Believe that if children do not want to participate in the lives of the elderly parents with their presence and care, even if paid.

Vera ERMOLAEVA, nurse, one child, two grandchildren, Dnipro:

– I think that the state should not meddle in citizens ‘ private questions. Speaking for myself, I’m uncomfortable, even when the son of a bag of food brings. That’s nice, but awkward. What kind of help can be therapy? After all, it is a mental need.

Nikolay VASILYEV, a lawyer, childless, Odessa:

– Most likely, this idea will become another article of replenishment of the budget, which in the end, as always, will be stolen. Or even result in the seizure and expropriation of property.

Elena TARINA, Bank employee, one son and one grandson, Kiev:

– I’m counting on the voluntary help of my family. But it’s a matter of my family, not the state. The state I pay taxes and Pension contributions. She Zobov, Azania to give me a pension.

Alexander, two children, four grandchildren, a reader:

– It’s better to raise pensions and social worker send. After all, today there is no way buy drugs or hire a sitter.

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