And if the Blues had listened to T. J. Oshie…

Et si les Blues avaient écouté T.J. Oshie...

Imagine if the Blues of St. Louis had selected the striker Jonathan Toews at the forefront of the auction amateur of 2006 rather than throw their sights on the defender Erik Johnson.

The center player was eventually drafted in the third rank by the Chicago black hawks and he has won the Stanley cup three times, in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

The story, however, would have been completely different if the Blues had listened to their first choice of the draft of 2005, T. J. Oshie.

“I don’t know at which point recruiters can learn a player’s academic, but I told them what kind of player he was, one can read in an article for The Athletic.

“He was 17 years old at the time, but it was already very mature and I knew that it would be really good in the national hockey League (NHL) and that he would have a long career.”

Oshie was then played his first two seasons alongside Toews with the University of North Dakota in the NCAA.

“We imagined the scenario, it was hoped that the Blues were going to select, he continued. But I spoke with a few recruiters of the time and they have all said to me that most of the teams would certainly have chosen Johnson.

“That said, when you look at it now, have taken Toews and have had that number one centre, and the leader, a future captain, it would have definitely changed the course of history.

“You never know what would have happened if this never happened… but when we look at the career of Toews and his accomplishments, I believe that it means everything.”

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