and if the Coupe de France was already over for Epinal and Thaon?

    and if the Coupe de France was already over for Epinal and Thaon?

    With or without amateur clubs? Since the Prime Minister’s last intervention, this Thursday, January 7, a few minutes after the drawing of lots for the 8e round and 32nd of the Coupe de France for professional clubs, the debate is revived about the national event. The indicators being what they are, rather contrary to the resumption of competition (not before March!) And, in the first place, of training, it is undeniable that we are not about to see the footballers of the base of the pyramid officially on the meadow.

    For several weeks, the French Federation (FFF) has been preparing for this kind of eventuality. Wishing to reach the end of the 104th edition of its Coupe de France, the body worked on a scenario that could allow to play the 6e tour (where only amateur clubs are in the running) from the end of January. And to strengthen this will, a derogation had been provided for those still in the running so that they could train normally. But that was before Jean Castex’s tirade.

    An additional shortfall

    Behind the scenes, within the LFA (Amateur Football League), it was said a few hours before the state speech, that “it now seems unlikely. We do not expect a resumption of training before January 20, which would mean a return to competition at the end of February at best. ” A supposition which will have to be confirmed by the Government according to its regular interventions.

    Concerned like many of their counterparts, will the two entities of the Vosges still qualified, Epinal (against Villers-lès-Nancy) and Thaon (against Métropole Troyenne), will they be the turkeys of this bad joke? The ambient atmosphere and the general feeling of the actors of amateur football do not seem to be beautiful. In this heavy context, if the Coupe de France cannot resume next month for the amateurs, the FFF would probably be forced to continue it without them. “The pros will not be able to continue to delay their schedule,” says one again in the corridors of the LFA.

    In addition to the frustration that this could cause and the deprivation of privileged moments, the financial allocations allocated by the Federation (7,500 euros for the teams present at the 7e tour) will also be a shortfall for associations whose budgets are already heavily burdened by the lack of income.

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