And if we try that last chance of 2009

Et si on refaisait le repêchage de 2009

The last time the last chance of the national hockey League (NHL) took place in Montreal, it was in 2009.

Even today, the supporters of the Canadian point out all the frenzy surrounding the selection as would be expected of a product from quebec in the first round : the attacker Louis Leblanc, called 18th in total to the cheers of a crowd hyper excited. All this for a player who will have played in just 50 games with the CH.

However, this is not what we should retain from this session, but rather the fact that the vintage 2009 was an outstanding quality.

As the draft is far from an exact science, examining the choices made, 11 years ago, however, we have found some errors, but also of good shots after the fact.

Redo-the drawing of the same exercise carried out by the site with the help of 30 experts in the field.

Two facts

If the attacker John Tavares remains a first choice uncontested after all these years (by the New York Islanders, need I remind you), this is also the case for the second, defenceman Victor Hedman, still property of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

However, we can discuss the last member of the top 3. In fact, not that much!

3 – Ryan O’reilly

Originally, the honor is returned to Matt Duchene. However, if it were to start again, you can bet that the Colorado Avalanche would rather her sights on Ryan O’reilly.

That’s not a problem, the old Norse had the luxury of being able to choose the two attackers in succession to this auction!

What is surprising in the case of O’reilly, is that it has been ignored by all the teams in the first round. It took until the 33rd selection to hear finally his name. It would be a prodigious leap of 30 places if it was to do it again!

Duchene account course 30 points more than him (589 vs. 559), but O’reilly stands out for its recent accomplishments. In the last 12 months, it has indeed helped the Blues of St. Louis to win the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history, winning the title of most valuable player of the playoffs, in addition to participating in the all-star game and stack 61 points (12 goals, 49 assists) in 71 first meetings of the season currently suspended.

His excellence in both senses of the game has helped the Blues sit at the top of the Central section and in the entire Association of the West at the time of the interruption of operations, march 12.

Only Tavares has produced more than themselves since their start in the circuit Bettman. And from far away! It displays the meter almost a point per game (769 in 814 meetings).

The real debate begins!

It is from the fourth elected that opinions differ. One thing is for certain, Evander Kane would not go away so quickly! The polarizing attacker should this time take his evil in patience.

4 – Matt Duchene

Although some observers, such as those of the official website of the NHL, would have preferred Brayden Schenn for Kane, the would opt more for Duchene.

The latter is certainly less versatile and physical than Schenn (selected fifth), but it produces much more. We note a net difference of 159 points (430 compared to 589 for Duchene). Which is equivalent to two solid seasons of 80 points!

5 – Oliver Ekman-Larsson

To complete our top 5, let’s go with a second defender, in this case Oliver Ekman-Larsson, chosen at the time sixth by the Phoenix Coyotes (Arizona these days).

It is the back most used of the vintage 2009 and with an ice time average of 24 minutes 29 seconds. It is a minute more than Hedman (23:35), the second of his promotion to this chapter.

For points, it is second only to Hedman with 364 against 473.

The quarter-back of the “Yotes” is also very resistant. He has missed only 17 games since his first full season in 2011-2012.

6 – Evander Kane

Well, Kane has enough poireauté… The sixth rank, it is the time to pick him up!

If he does often speak of him for the wrong reasons (it dominates all the other players selected in 2009 for penalty minutes with 946, not counting his suspension), he has nothing to envy to the players named above in terms of statistics. It ranks third in the group to the goals with 242 (far behind Tavares (345), but only three of Duchene) and fifth for points (457).

Just before the forced break caused by the COVID-19, Kane was on pace for a second successive season at least 30 goals (he had threaded 26).

7 – Brayden Schenn

For the seventh position, after hesitation, let’s go with Schenn. It is here that stops his fall!

No other player available yet not shattered, like him, the mark of 400 points (430).

More than that, Schenn is effective everywhere on the ice, and he knows how to use his physique to good effect.

Hoffman comes out of hiding!

As in any draft, some of the cards previously hidden, reveal themselves to be interesting assets years later. You can certainly place Mike Hoffman in this category. In his case, it was more than hidden, it was buried deep!

8 – Mike Hoffman

Selected in the fifth round (129th overall) by the Ottawa Senators, 11 years ago, the attacker now belonging to the Panthers would come out well before 2020. Let him make a dizzying leap of 121 places… until the 8th!

As Kane, Hoffman headed blithely toward a second season in a row of at least 30 goals. It was only a success to reach the plateau, after having established a top staff in 2018-2019 with 36 goals.

Besides, if he had not pierced all the late, Hoffman has amassed a lot more points. Limited to 493 matches, which is exactly 300 less than Duchene (!), it totals all the same at 359 points.

This example is not a coincidence : in calculating the percentage of point-by-match, we get substantially the same result in both cases!

If Hoffman had been able to do it faster, his place in the NHL, he should add at least 200 points. But hey, we all know the expression “with if”…

The continuation in the ideas…

To continue in the same vein, the image of Hoffman, Tyson Barrie has also had to gnaw his front brake to be selected. But not so long anyway!

9 – Tyson Barrie

Chosen 64th (not but what a chance for the Avalanche!), it occupies the ninth rank of our “re-draft”.

And for good reason! Barrie has the same ratio of points per game than Hedman (0,62), the best among the defenders of the 2009 vintage.

So he has another point in common with Hoffman. It was also developed before… Well, let’s get to the 10th level!

10 – Nazem Kadri

There is still a link to it. Barrie and our 10th choice, Nazem Kadri, were exchanged one against the other on the 1st of July. In fact, there were other players involved in the transaction, but they were the two masterpieces.

Mine of nothing, Kadri is the fifth of her class in goals (180) and seventh for points (393). Notably, he scored 32 goals two seasons in a row, in 2016-2017, and 2017-2018.

Another argument in its favour : it can both play an offensive role that used to slow down the best opposing strikers with his style “fit-in”. He considers himself to be from elsewhere as well : “I take great pride in being a player full of be both physical and produce points.”

11 – Tomas Tatar

Now, supporters of Canadians, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Tomas Tatar!

However, to be honest, if it wasn’t for the “factor Montreal”, his name would be positioned much lower in our list.

Force is to admit that his value has increased considerably since he was traded to the CH by the Golden Knights Vegas, where the experience has been anything but a success with a poor harvest of six points in 20 games.

It was thought (wrongly) on the downward slope to his arrival in the quebec metropolis, but “Tuna” has rather taken over life. Having earned 58 points, a personal record, in his first season, he had already exceeded that mark after 68 games this year, with 61. What is the full potential of Tatar?

Tatar produced even more than Max Pacioretty, against which it was exchanged in September 2018, with 119 points compared to 106 for the “Patch”. Considering that Canadians have obtained the promising Nick Suzuki, author of 41 points in its first shots of skating in the NHL, and a choice of the second round (the attacker Samuel Fagemo, who rolling his hump in Sweden) in the same transaction, it is a true flight on the part of Marc Bergevin.

12 – Ryan Ellis

It would take another back in our top 15, and Ryan Ellis was the man to fill that need.

Even if Nick Leddy the cuff to the finish line for the points (305 compared to 252), Ellis is proportionately more productive, and it is superior to all points of view.

This is the prototype perfect defender. Proof of the reliability of Ellis in his territory, only Hedman shows better differential (+116 vs. +113) than him among the players picked in 2009.

Its qualities offensives have also been demonstrated in the course of his 11 years of loyalty with the Predators of Nashville.

13 – Reilly Smith

Craig Smith is the 15th pointer of this cohort with 330, but another attacker with the same last name is even better.

Reilly Smith’s total of 354 points, while playing in 84 meetings less, which corresponds to approximately one season in full.

His ratio of points per game (0,61) on the class, moreover 10th, which puts it ahead of Tatar and the two players who enter into our top 15. We tairons so their names for the moment…

In addition, Smith leads all attackers from this auction for the card of more and less, up to +99.

Another element not to be overlooked : he always shows up to pitch in the playoffs, as his 41 points in 45 games bear witness to this.

It is reported particularly in 2018 with 22 points in 20 meetings, helping greatly with the “Knights ‘ Gold” in the finals of the Stanley Cup.

14 – Kyle Palmieri

Without being flamboyant, Kyle Palmieri accumulates his share of points year after year. His total of 338 conferred upon it by the 14th.

More recognized as a gunslinger than a game manufacturer, it is the goals that it stands out. The attacker of the New Jersey Devils has scored at least 24 goals in his five most recent seasons, including the one in progress (he was already 25 to mid-march).

Since his debut in the NHL, he has found 175 times the back of the net, good for the seventh rank promotion. Of the lot, 59 have been obtained by numerical superiority, which makes Palmieri the fourth best.

15 – Chris Kreider

To conclude this top 15, let’s take a poorly-loved supporters of the Canadiens : Chris Kreider.

It was one of the players most likely to be traded before the final deadline, but he ultimately decided to remain faithful to the New York Rangers by agreeing a lucrative contract extension ($45.5 million $ for seven years) with the club that chose him 19th overall in 2009.

Kreider may not be the player with the most prolific of the group (16th for points with 316, 12th for goals with 157), but his physical attributes and his inestimable strength give him an advantage over the competition.

Other rare gems found later

We spoke previously of Hoffman and Barrie, but other rare gems have found a taker later. The fourth round proved to be specially paid.

The “Preds” have been generally happy with their two choices : the attacker Craig Smith (98th) and defenceman Mattias ekholm forlag (102nd), which are still an integral part of the team.

Smith has even failed to be part of our top 15.

Anders Lee, claimed 151st, is the first of the sixth round, has also been excluded from some of our winners.

To continue with the distant selections, five other examples are obvious : Cody Eakin (85th), Casey Cizikas (92nd), David Savard (94th), Marcus Foligno (104th), Sami Vatanen (106th), all of the players are established in the circuit Bettman.

Finished our round with a striker come out first… the seventh and final round! Who is he? You guessed it : it is Erik Haula.

Unlike Tatar, he broke out in “City of Vice” in 2017-2018 with 29 goals and 55 points. The injuries he sustained from the have, however, slowed down considerably.

Here is the last chance original 2009 (1st round) :

1. John Tavares (NY Islanders)

2. Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay)

3. Matt Duchene (Colorado)

4. Evander Kane (Atlanta)

5. Brayden Schenn (Los Angeles)

6. Oliver Ekman-Larsson (Phoenix)

7. Nazem Kadri (Toronto)

8. Scott Glennie (Dallas)

9. Jared Cowen (Ottawa)

10. Magnus Paajarvi (Edmonton)

11. Ryan Ellis (Nashville)

12. Calvin de Haan (NY Islanders)

13. Zack Kassian (Buffalo)

14. Dmitri Kulikov (Florida)

15. Peter Holland (Anaheim)

16. Nick Leddy (Minnesota)

17. David Rundblad (St. Louis)

18. Louis Leblanc (Montreal)

19. Chris Kreider (NY Rangers)

20. Jacob Josefson (New Jersey)

21. John Moore (Columbus)

22. Jordan Schroeder (Vancouver)

23. Tim Ericsson (Calgary)

24. Marcus Johansson (Washington)

25. Jordan Caron (Boston)

26. Kyle Palmieri (Anaheim)

27. Philippe Paradis (Carolina)

28. Dylan Olsen (Chicago)

29. Carter Ashton (Tampa Bay)

30. Simon Despres (Pittsburgh)

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