And together again! To Buzova back ex-boyfriend

The Internet has recently appeared a video in which a popular singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova with Roman Gritsenko.

І знову разом! До Бузової повернувся колишній хлопець

Earlier the guy tried to build with the woman of the relationship, but they did not succeed, reports Rus.Media.

Recently Instagram has a video that was made “behind the scenes of the popular show “Dom-2”. The video was signed said that Roman Gritsenko returned to the clearing, and immediately went to Olga Buzova.

While viewing the record shows that the singer was dressed in a black top and a wide red pants. The woman danced in front of the Novel. When Buzova saw that it is removed immediately asked to remove the phone.

During the recording of the occurred dialogue. Someone asked Olga, the voice apparently Vlad Kadoni, what are doing here Gritsenko. The actress said that she sings him a song. Then the operator asked the Gritsenko, why came about. The latter replied that just to say Hello.

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