And who are you in this tournament was sick?

А за кого вы на этом турнире болели?

And who are you in this tournament was sick?
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Sunday, July 15, will be the final of the world Cup. In this regard, our question of the day.

Volodymyr ARIEV, member of Parliament:

– I boycott the championship for obvious reasons. Why not watch the matches and are not interested in who’s there to win.

Igor KULCHITSKIY, captain of FC “Karpaty” (Lvov), USSR Cup of 1969:

– I thought that in the finals will play the teams of Brazil and France, but happened differently. Croatia is not stronger than many teams. But in this race she showed a smooth game, and the team has the stars playing in Real Madrid, Barcelona. Due to the commitment and skill they managed to reach the final.

Les POVKH, athlete, bronze medalist of the Olympic games – 2012:

– Football is not watched, but was aware of all the events through the social networks. Since the days of Ronaldo cheer for Brazil. In this final I will be rooting for Croatia. They are closer!

Ivan REDKACH, boxer, champion USBA lightweight title:

– I watched only two games – was not in time in time: in the US at 6 and 11 am began the broadcast. Supported by teams of Mexico and Croatia. This world Cup is different because all the stars before he went home, and stayed to play teams that act as one. Cool!

Faith MIKHAILYUK, pharmacist, Zaporozhye:

– I watched only the matches of the Spanish and Portuguese, rooting for them, and they are disappointed. Now just listen to the stories of my husband what is going on there. And he immediately said who will be the champion, and now is upset that he did not work to enter the sweepstakes, which started colleagues.

Nicholas PAVLOVSKY, photographer, Dnipro:

Championship liked unpredictability: almost all of the favorites went home earlier than expected.

Gennady SHASHKOV, entrepreneur, Kiev:

– The national team of Croatia plays Dynamo Kiev Pivaric, who will participate in the final game of the world Cup in 2018 against France. For him and cheer.

Igor KORYAKOV, IT specialist, Kyiv:

– From when on the football field shone Platini and Zidane, cheer for the French.

Evgeny GORDIENKO, blogger, Kharkov:

– I was rooting for Spain, now in Croatia. Surprised most of all Russia – I didn’t think they were so far held.

Oleg, the reader of

– Were you rooting for those teams which were a part of players who have played and still playing in the Ukrainian League.

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