And you know how to put up with men who are representatives of different Zodiac signs? Tell!

А вы знаете, как мириться с мужчинами, являющимися представителями разных знаков Зодиака? Рассказываем!

The ability to put up real art.

But not for all Zodiac signs you can use the same techniques. Look what suggest reputable astrologers:


Representatives of this sign not too touchy by nature, although like to destabilize the situation. The main thing – to convince them of his love and unwavering loyalty, to prove that you can always rely on.


Conservative Taurus long outlive any offense. To make peace with them, to have patience and a long time to show their complaisance.


Pretty aggressive Twins can greatly hurt a person walking on a truce. Sometimes their anger and unwillingness to engage can ruffle even the Holy. The best thing to do is hang back and wait until they cool down.


Attention, adoration and constancy are the three pillars on which the Crayfish build their relationship. They have long used, and in case of a quarrel – long thaw. Discard the fervent repentance of hot and assurances. Better to act slowly and carefully.


Selfish nature, is able to remove unwanted person from your contact list. If you want to earn a Royal pardon will have to share his passion, to indulge, flatter, and even sucking up.


If you had a fight with the representative of this sign, be prepared to accept the blame and promise to “fix”. Well, that Virgo are perfectionists bright, and so make peace, not to violate the order.


Quarreled with Weights, you will have to please. But since they already have their plan for the development of events, try to “fit” into it, ensuring that after the conflict, your relationship will change for the better.


If your partner is a Scorpio – be brave and develop a strategy to save the relationship. Conflicts will arise on an equal place, and to arrest they can only be reasoned explanation of his position.


If patience is a peace-loving Sagittarius over, he’ll just leave, without shouting and smashing crockery. To return it is possible only with promises that this situation will not happen again.


For offended a Capricorn do not need to run and beg forgiveness. Just demonstrate that your position in life has changed radically and you feel comfortable without his services.


Memory in Aquarius is good and they rarely forgive any offense. Give them positive emotions, surround with attention and care. But do not forget that the case will remind you of past mistakes.


Reconciled gently, without pressure and harassment. An ideal variant – to pull away from the Fish, occasionally reminding me of themselves. By the way, this is a good way to deal with self-realization and to pay attention to personal growth.

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