André Robitaille is full of praise for Fragile

André Robitaille ne tarit pas d’éloges pour Fragile

André Robitaille has experienced a period of adaptation at the beginning of the confinement, being used to conduct several projects simultaneously.

“It’s hard for me not to have 56 things to do in life, usually. At the professional level, it is the unknown and a flutter. A lot of contracts to come are on the ice. “

Consumer series to the small screen – he hosted several seasons of It’s just TV, after all – André Robitaille has had a recent blow of heart for the Fragile, which starred Marc-André Grondin and Pier-Luc Funk.

“There is nothing fragile in this series. The writing, acting and direction are solid. Serge Boucher gives us a lesson of writing. It manages to keep the plot. He sends clues at the right time and throws bad tracks to keep the viewer glued. “

“The achievement [of Claude Desrosiers] is a job of directing actors,” he continues. There is a dosage to do, and it is necessary to place the camera to guide us in the head of the author. The game is flawless, of a truth strong. This is the kind of series that remains you in the head for a long time. “

“This is engineering “

Like many, the host, has also succumbed to the series It is like that that I love you, François Létourneau.

“This is engineering. It’s crazy how I liked everything ! It is great on all points. I’m jealous of this creativity. ”

Among his other favourites in television, he named the series of Netflix The Stranger (” it does not sink “) and Tiger King (” unreal, but true “). It makes up to see some episodes ofInquiry that he had missed. And he is faithful to the post to watch Infoman each week (” this is precious “).

In containment with his 11 year old daughter and her dog, André Robitaille says that it looks “almost like a movie night” since the beginning of the crisis. Among the long feature films he has seen, he appoints The Graduate, poor education (” Almodovar, I love it “), Babel, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, A night zoo, C. R. A. Z. Y. and For the rest of the world.

Musically, the host, loved the new album by Louis-Jean Cormier, When night falls. “It is perfect at this time…” The song Taste time, Yann Perreault, he is also good in this period of uncertainty.

The suggestions André

Tv series

  • Fragile
  • It is like that that I love you


  • The Graduate
  • Poor education
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