Andrée and Sylvain troubled by Unorthodox and Kalifat

Andrée et Sylvain troublés par Unorthodox et Kalifat

Confined alone with their dog of six years, Groupie, Andrée Watters et Sylvain Cossette take advantage of their current leave period to… rest their ears !

“I come out of a tour of 140 shows with the show 80s and my ears are buzzing still ! says Sylvain. You put the music sometimes in the background, but we really like the quiet for the moment. ”

The couple indicates to be preferred, as it passes its confinement in his cottage freshly renovated on the edge of the Saint-Maurice river. “We get up very early, around 5: 30 or 6 a.m., and it is active all day,” says Sylvain. It makes work on the field who has been affected by the machinery and construction. Otherwise, workout, reading, large steps and a bit of tv in the evening. ”

In their beatings of the hearts of the small screen, the couple mentions from the outset of the series Unorthodox and Kalifat, available on Netflix.

“We were greatly troubled because Sylvain and I are free people and we have found it shocking to see these people stuck in realities that no longer suited them, and who live in a life of restrictions,” says Andrée.

On the quebec side, they have a lot liked It is like that that I love you.

“It is twisted as the story and very entertaining “, said Sylvain. And then that Andrée sometimes look Love is in the meadow, Sylvain loves to train on his stationary bike while watching Leo and the documentary series The Last Dance.

Sylvain Cossette does not dry up no more of their praise for the program Leaders. “I am always amazed to see the knowledge of these young chefs of the future,” he said.

“It’s a little surreal”

For movies they have watched Contagion ” to make sure we have enough fear of the virus “.

“We also looked at the series in quebec Epidemic for the same reasons. There are a lot of similarities with what we experience currently. ”

They also liked the documentary on Luciano Pavarotti, called Pavarotti.

“It was excellent and, of course, it speaks to us a lot because it is such a great singer like Steve !” lance Andree, laughing.

During the confinement, the couple is regularly 5 to 7 on FaceTime with friends.

“It opens a good bottle and we spend a good time with those we love,” says Sylvain. It is a little surreal, but if there is something good, it is that one has no distraction and we give ourselves fully to this moment pleasant. ”

Andrée has also started a vegetable garden, while Sylvain roasts his coffee.

“We made a lot of good dishes and keep a healthy diet,” says Sylvain. Like most people, we look forward to the time when the coronavirus will not be the number one topic in the news. ”

In order not to lose its contact with the public, the singer has published a number of capsules with humorous songs about the COVID.

“I stage my chorus luxury Andrée. It was a lot of fun to turn the capsules. ”

Sylvain concluded to be afraid, as all the world, the coronavirus. “But my biggest fear was when Andrea had tried to get a hair cut ! (laughter)”

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Tv series

  • Unorthodox
  • Kalifat


  • Contagion
  • Pavarotti
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