Andreescu agreed with Federer

Andreescu est d’accord avec Federer

The Canadian Bianca Andreescu is in favour of a merger between the circuit female (WTA) and leaning male (ATP).

This possibility has been raised by Roger Federer, Wednesday, on his Twitter account.

“I was wondering… am I the only one to think that the time has come for the tennis male and female to be together to do together?”, had questioned the former number 1 in the world.

“I’m not talking about merging the competition on the court, but to merge the two governing bodies (ATP and WTA) tennis professional, male and female,” he said.

For its part, Andreescu has indicated that it would approve such a thing, during an interview with Tennis Channel, Thursday.

“I think that this would be a good thing for the sport, said the defending champion of the International in the United States. It is a positive opportunity for the tennis.”

“This would definitely make the tennis world more kingdom. I know that Billy Jean [King] advocated this for a long time now. I’ve always supported his idea,” added the 19 year old athlete.

Andreescu is not the only star of the tennis world that he gave his support to the idea of Federer. In fact, Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep in particular have admitted that they were in favour of a merger.

The knee is going well

On a more personal note, the representative of the maple leaf has stated that it would have been ready to resume the competition at the tournament of Miami. The sixth racket of the world has been deprived of the end of the season 2019, and the first months of his campaign in 2020 due to an injury to his knee.

“I was originally supposed to play at Indian Wells, but something came in during a workout. We decided that it was better to wait until the tournament in Miami instead. I think I would have been ready for Miami. It is bad luck.”

Recall that its two tournaments, however, have been cancelled by the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Since then, all the operations of the circuits of world tennis are on break.

In solitary confinement in the Toronto area, Saying it tries to see the positive side.

“I take this time to completely heal my knee, if this was not already the case. I think it was, but hey, I am looking for the positive in all of this.”

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