Andrei Markov coach?

Andreï Markov entraîneur?

The former defender of the Montreal canadiens Andrei Markov has just retired hockey professional, but it could well reconnect with his sport one day or another.

In the last few days, the ex-number 79 totalling $ 990 regular season games in his career with the Habs has commented on his decision to withdraw. Also, the site questioned about his after-career. Will there be the Russian behind the bench of a team in the years to come?

Markov responded first that it was still a little premature to move forward for the future. He needs to take the time to think about it in the first place, especially at this time of pandemic COVID-19, its priorities are elsewhere.

“Maybe I’ll think about the coaching eventually, but currently, with what’s happening in the world, I have to take care of my family and myself, he said. When this is finished, I songerai. I’ll think about it, finally, I will try, possibly. We will see what happens.”

The defender has scored 572 points in the national League, it was a choice of the sixth round, the 162nd overall by the Canadian to the draft of 1998.

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