Andriy PYATOV: “IN March we will gather again and we will prepare for the Euro”

Андрей ПЯТОВ: «В марте соберемся снова и будем готовиться к Евро»

Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov gave his last match against Serbia, and already waiting for the start of Euro 2020.

– Andrew, the team was lucky that we managed to equalise in the last minute of the match in Belgrade?
– I believe that we could win this game. We tuned only to win. At 1-1 we had chances. The same Ruslan Malinovsky could have a shot, score a goal and break the grid, as he loves to do. But the ball fell to his feet.

– The score of the game?
Don’t forget that Serbia has also a good side, the hosts wanted to win to avenge the Lvov match. But in the end we didn’t lose. Came out the battle a draw. On all counts, in my opinion, it is natural.

– Team conceded two goals. Was it possible the man to save the gate?
– Always it is possible to do, but I had to know where the opponents will strike. Therefore, it is as it is.

– What to expect from the team next in the final part of Euro?
While we wait for the draw. In March, reconvene, let us examine our last game and we will prepare for the finals of the European championship.

The Ukrainian football Association has not yet announced who will be the opponents for friendlies.

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