Andriy SHEVCHENKO: “Ukraine is an important match from the point of view of the draw”

Андрей ШЕВЧЕНКО: «Для Украины это важный матч с точки зрения жеребьевки»

17 November Ukrainian team will complete the selection of Euro 2020 away match against Serbia. Before the game, talked to reporters coach Andrey Shevchenko.

Ukraine is out of Euro 2020, but still need to get the list of seeded. To do this, you score 1 point. The match will start at 16:00.

Human resources: “everyone all right, all ready. Linnets have had a fever, but it’s OK. Will train. The rest are all preparing for the match with Serbia”.

Motivation: “First of all, for us an important match, because from the point of view of the draw it is important for us to be seeded. And it needs to play well. We solve different problems, but training should be as serious as usual.”

The lack of supporters of Ukraine: “Clearly we would be missing our fans. I think there was an agreement between the federations. If there are conflicts, then they need to extinguish. But our team have a big match, and we respect the national team of Serbia.”

Revenge Serbia for the 0:5 in Ukraine: “I don’t think the score matters. In Lviv we had the motivation to win, and we did it. Not always the score reflects the essence of the game. But we also important to earn points, we think about the draw. The Serbs continue to fight for 2nd place and qualification to Euro”.

About Euro 2020: “Still plenty of time before the Euro, a lot can change. Now I don’t see the point in thinking about strategy. You have to at least wait for the draw. Clearly we will have friendlies before the Euros, and players, including the young, will be a chance to prove themselves.”

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