Android 10 will soon appear in smartphones Redmi Note 7

Android 10 скоро появится в смартфонах Redmi Note 7

Owners of Redmi Note 7 have to wait quite a bit to their smartphone after the shell MIUI 11 arrived update the main Android system. Closed beta tests have already started. And it should please, after all, the global MIUI 11 came without Android 10, and a ninth version of Pie boring. Thus, these developers promise of moving into the stage of actual implementation.

Android 10 скоро появится в смартфонах Redmi Note 7

Still, this news indicates that you’re ahead of plans. After all, the original Android 10 was coming to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 later. However, if system testing is happening right now, before the mass sending of the package with the new OS is about three weeks. Then the closed tests will be open.

Thus to join the team of testers and help fix possible bugs, everyone can, and already in the first half of January 2020. This process usually takes about two months, after which the developers will officially announce about the beginning of the stable distribution Android 10. Within days, the OS will come on a global scale. That is, in the first quarter of all smartphones Redmi Note 7 see “top ten” Android, if you do not have any force majeure.

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