Android devices, give a second life to your old phone

Appareils Android, donnez une seconde vie à votre vieux téléphone

Small snags on the shell or on the screen, signs of wear, stack, tired, often the trade-in value of your old model Android is too weak either in the shop or on the used market. Then the device joins in your drawer to gather dust other devices neglected.

If your old device no longer has value as a mobile phone, this small computer can be used for other purposes such as stationary.

Think of a web camera or security, to assistant Google Home, to a remote control, an electronic scoreboard, a music player or even a device to monitor your baby.

As a music player

Last year, I remember having scanned all the disks CD in the family library on an old iPod 32 Gb still in great shape, which is connected to the audio jack of 3.5 mm to the stereo.

Do the same for your old phone. Free-the of the useless applications except those for music, transfer all your music and plug in to your stereo. Your “new” device DJ will never be bothered by calls or social media.

Also a good way to have your entire music library to your car.

As a surveillance camera

Increase the home security at low cost by installing an Security Info‘ security camera as Alfred for Android. Its battery will provide more autonomy in the event of a power outage, if your router-modem is also protected by an uninterruptable power supply.

It is enough to place or hide your old phone, where it will offer the best field of vision to find out who is at your door during your absence or what animal digs in your garbage.

For baby monitor

What does it matter if the capabilities of the camera and microphone of your Android is no longer state of the art, it will reassure dad and mom as a baby monitor (the term designated for baby monitor).

Install the Skype app on your old Android on your current phone. Click on the first auto-answer on the calls and you will know in a click if baby is sleeping well or require attention.

Well-listed, the application Slept for Android is also a good alternative to Skype.

As web camera

Against a$ 299, Google offers its Nest Hub Max, an intelligent assistant that is connected with display and web camera. Nothing prevents you to use your old Android mobile to perform similar tasks. Fix on a stand that offers a tilt adjustable, install Zoom, Skype, or other applications of web camera, free or paid, to complete the transformation.

Don’t forget to plug it in near a power source, and prefer the app you paid for to avoid any potential ads.

Same logic for a wizard-Google Home. The time that the Android version of your old device is recent enough to respond to voice commands “Ok Google”, there is no need for a dedicated device.

And to get a better sound, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker.

At the beach

For the beach and places where you wouldn’t like to carry your phone all-new, all these fears will fade in preferring your old device.

From the moment that its content (images, messages) did not value it, do whatever you want even if there is a risk of breakage.

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